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Martin Sheen in "The Way"

There is no doubt that one of the films that has contributed the most to popularize the Camino de Santiago in recent years has been "The Way", the American film directed by Emilio Estévez and starring Martin sheen. Since its premiere in 2010, the film has popularized the pilgrimage to Santiago among audiences around the world, attracted by the warmth and human values ​​of its story.

One of the main attractions of "The Way" are its locations. Emilio Estévez and his team shot the film in real places on the Camino in Spain, and it will be easy for any pilgrim to recognize several of its best-known landscapes.

That is why we have decided to satisfy the curiosity of spectators and future pilgrims, and we have created a Interactive map with the main places on the Camino that appear in the film. You will be able to go around the map, clicking on the marked places, and find out what scene was filmed in each one of them. We hope you like it and find it interesting:


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