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Walking, the best exercise

One of the simplest exercises that we can do in our daily life is to walk. Perhaps because it does not need gyms, special equipment or "personal trainers", it is easy to underestimate, but it is one of the healthiest and most affordable activities within our reach, and more necessary than ever in the situation in which […]

The situation of the Way at Easter

Holy Week is traditionally one of the moments that many pilgrims take advantage of to set out on the route and complete at least a few stages of the Camino. This year, however, given the pandemic situation, we have received inquiries about what our policy will be for those dates. Although at the moment […]

The Castilla Canal

Pilgrims who make the Camino de Santiago between Burgos and León undoubtedly know Frómista, a small town known for the famous Romanesque church of San Martín, and they also know the canal along which the Camino passes in the kilometers before arriving at said town. Said channel, the Canal de Castilla, […]

Good way!

Today (October 12) is the last day of our regular luggage transport service for this year. It has been a difficult season for obvious reasons, in which we have all had to do our best to provide the best service to the pilgrims who have visited us. Next year is Jacobean Year […]

Registration for travelers arriving in Galicia from certain areas

The Xunta de Galicia has announced today that travelers entering the region and who have been in certain territories with a high incidence of Covid-19 must register their contact details with the regional government upon arrival. The measure applies to all those who have passed through said territories in […]

Reopening: yes, we will be on the Camino this year!

As we approach the end of the state of alarm in Spain and the return to (relative) normality, we begin to receive questions from pilgrims interested in doing the Camino this summer. Given this, we want to confirm to our friends that we will be providing service normally on all the Caminos, both in the […]

Regarding the situation in Spain and the Camino de Santiago

As is known, the Government of Spain has decreed yesterday, March 14, the state of alarm throughout the national territory, which prohibits, among other things, displacements if they are not for justified reasons. This obviously means that our luggage transport service is suspended for the duration of said status. For our clients who […]

The Primitive Way

When we refer to the Camino Primitivo, we are probably talking about one of the least known routes on the Camino de Santiago, however, it was the first to be discovered. And it holds a number of surprises that are worth discovering. The Primitive Way was, as we mentioned, the path of the first known Way, and it was the one that […]

Starting the English Way in El Ferrol: what to see?

The English Way is in fashion. More and more pilgrims opt for this route, until now less known, as shown by the statistics of the Santiago pilgrim's office, according to which last year (2018) El Ferrol was the fifth most used point of origin for those who achieved the compostela (above even […]