How it works

If you are walking the “Camino de Santiago” (St .James Way), but you don't want to carry along your backpack, we can help. We transport your luggage in a quick, reliable and economic way, picking it up every morning in your starting point and carrying it to wherever you tell us.

What do I have to do?

Using our services is easy!

  1. Go to our homepage. Add the stages of your trip, the date and the number of pieces of luggage, and leave us your contact information.
  2. Once on the Camino, leave each morning your luggage in the hotel / hostel you have indicated. We will pick it up.
  3. In the afternoon, when you have reached your destination, your luggage will be waiting for you.

  • You can make your reservation up to the previous day to your desired date, at 20:00 (i.e.: if you want a pickup for tomorrow, you can make the reservation today, up to eight o'clock). Otherwise, we cannot guarantee that we will be able to perform the service.
  • We consider as one stage a trip from one town to another with a distance smaller than 30 km. (for example, if you start your trip from Santo Domingo de la Calzada and spend the night at Belorado, we will charge you for one stage, since the distance among them is 22 km.).
  • If your origin and destination points are further than 30 km. apart, we will charge you for two stages (for example, if you want us to carry your luggage from Nájera to Belorado, the distance between them is 50 km.).
  • If your origin and destination are further than 60 km. apart, please contact us so that we can offer you a personlized solution.

How much does it cost?

Depending on the path that is being made, the number of packages or stages that you hire, the price can vary between €4.5 and €10. Obtaining discounts according to the quantities to be transported and the number of stages contracted

We consider as one stage any route between two villages with a distance smaller than 30 km.

Frequently asked questions

My accomodation doesn't appear in the list of lodgings on your website. Can I still use your service?

Of course. Pick any lodgings in the list, and use the "Notes" field to add the information of your real staying place. We will take your luggage to the place you tell us.

I don't want to carry my luggage stage by stage. Instead, I want to send it straight to Santiago for storage while I walk the Camino. Can you do that?

Of course. Send us an email for details.

Is there a weight or size limit for the luggage that you carry?

Each piece of luggage should have a maximum weight of 20 kg., but it's a "flexible" limit, and we won't have problems carrying it if it's slightly above that weight. The same goes for size: we can generally carry any suitcase or backpack of standard size. If you have any special requirements and are not sure, please contact us at

When should I leave my baggage for pickup?

We advise you to have your baggage ready for pickup at 8:00 in the morning, in order to ensure a prompt delivery.

What are your working hours during weekends?

During our season, we work on both Saturdays and Sundays. You can contact us without problems.

We are not staying at an albergue or hostel, but at a vacation home (Airbnb rental). Can you pick up our luggage there?

Yes, but we need the contact information of your host or the person responsible for the apartment, so that we can contact him/her and schedule our pickup.

Do I have to use the printable tags that appear in my order?

Not at all. When making your order, our site generates downloadable tags that you can print for your luggage, but they are only for your convenience. You can use your own tags if you wish (if there are any last minute change of plans, for example).

Using our website

Our website has several features that make using our service easier:


When you place an order, you can also register on our website. Registering allows you to change or cancel your reservations later, if you need so.

You can use our service without registering, but if you are going to order our services frequently or you believe that your plans might change, we recommend that you register.


For your conveniente, once you have place your order you’ll also be able to download a set of printable luggage tags with the information of each stage in your route, so that you can print them and add them to your bags.

Changes and cancellations

  • Pickups can be modifed or canceled up to the day before the scheduled date, at 21:00.
  • Cancellation of a pickup or an order will carry a processing fee of 10 euros (*).
  • Changes in pickups that do not imply changes in the final price (date changes, origin and destination changes that do not change the final distance) can be done for free.
  • If you change an order and the resulting price is lower than the amount you originally paid, we will refund you the difference (minus a 10 euros processing fee (*)).
  • If you change an order and the resulting price is higher than the amount you originally paid, we will redirect you to our secure gatway in order to charge you the difference.
  • Refunds will be done through the same method in which you originally paid.

(*) If the amount to be refunded is less than 10 €, the refund will not be possible.